Energy Grant Applications by Celtic Dynamics

Unlock financial support for your energy-saving projects with Celtic Dynamics’ specialised Energy Grant Applications service

Celtic Dynamics specialises in the intricate process of applying and securing energy grants for projects aimed at saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. Most countries offer these grants, and our service is tailored to guide you through the specific documentation, assessments, and procedures required to qualify for funding.

Energy Grant Applications Service in three steps:


Initial Assessment

Celtic Dynamics conducts an initial assessment of available energy grants relevant to your project.


Managing and Development

We take charge of managing and developing all required assessments, audits, models, documentation, and processes essential to support the application for funding.


Application Support

Our service includes supporting the application submissions on behalf of the client if required, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Benefits of Celtic Dynamics’ Energy Grant Applications:

Expertise in Grant Landscape

Leverage Celtic Dynamics’ expertise in navigating the diverse landscape of energy grants.

Tailored Assessments

Receive tailored assessments, audits, and documentation developed specifically for your project.

Increased Funding Opportunities

Maximise your chances of securing funding for energy-saving initiatives.

Efficient Application Process

Streamline the application process with expert guidance and support.

Customised Solutions

 Tailored recommendations based on the unique needs and challenges of your industry/company.


Grant Assistance

Grant applications are a key specialty of Celtic Dynamics. We actively research and apply for grants on behalf of your company, ensuring you can access available financial assistance to reduce the overall cost of implementing solutions.


Quotation & Design Engineering

Should you choose to progress, we offer comprehensive design engineering to guide the implementation of the recommended energy and process improvement solutions.

Ready to secure funding for your energy-saving projects?

Book a call with Celtic Dynamics to discuss the details further and receive a customised quotation. Our Energy Grant Applications service is designed to enhance your chances of success in securing grants for your energy initiatives.

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