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CEF Energy

Connecting Europe Facility (CEF): Paving the Way for Green Innovation

The  Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is a pivotal EU funding instrument that aligns with the European Green Deal, steering towards decarbonization goals for 2030 and 2050. CEF’s strategic focus spans across transport, energy, and digital services, fostering the development of resilient, sustainable, and interconnected trans-European networks.

Connecting Europe Facility (CEF): Paving the Way for Green Innovation Logo

Key Pillars of CEF Support:
  • Transport: Easing travel, making it more sustainable, and enhancing Europe’s connectivity.
  • Energy: Strengthening energy security, promoting renewables, and closing gaps in Europe’s energy backbone.
  • Digital Services: Facilitating cross-border interactions among public administrations, businesses, and citizens.
  • Innovative Financial Instruments:
  • Grants: Direct financial support for transformative projects.
  • Guarantees and Project Bonds: Innovative instruments fostering private sector collaboration and amplifying EU budget impact.
Objectives and Impact:
  • Smart Growth: Up-to-date, high-performance infrastructure promoting smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth.
  • Job Creation: Stimulating employment opportunities through strategic investments.
  • Decarbonization: Meeting long-term decarbonization commitments by enhancing Europe’s energy, transport, and digital sectors.
CEF Energy: Driving Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Projects

CEF Energy, established in 2013 under the TEN-E Regulation, stands as a key player in supporting sustainable energy infrastructure projects. The upcoming revision of the TEN-E Regulation, slated for June 2022, reinforces alignment with the European Green Deal and introduces new infrastructure categories eligible for EU support.

New Horizons: CEF Energy for 2021-2027

In the upcoming funding period (2021-2027), CEF introduces a new window for cross-border projects in the field of renewable energy. This innovative approach aims to optimize national efforts for renewable energy deployment through strategic cross-border cooperation.

  • Decarbonization: Contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.
  • Internal Energy Market: Enhancing the internal energy market for greater efficiency.
  • Security of Supply: Bolstering energy security for sustainable development.
Target Audience

Public or private entities that are involved in the planning, development or operation of energy infrastructure projects of common interest (PCIs) that are eligible for funding under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Energy.

To be eligible for the grant, the applicant must:
  • Be a legal entity established in an EU Member State or an associated country
  • Have a valid Participant Identification Code (PIC)
  • Agree to provide feedback and data to the European Commission
  • Not have received any other public funding for the same project
  • Comply with relevant EU and national environmental legislation and the ‘Do no significant harm’ Technical Guidance

The grant value depends on the type of action, the topic and the call for proposals. The grant rate ranges from 10% to 50% of the eligible costs, depending on the type of action and the maturity of the project. The eligible costs include capital expenditure, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, permitting costs and other direct costs.


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How to Proceed:

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