Energy Audits

Explore our comprehensive audit services at Celtic Dynamics, designed to meet your specific business needs. Our Full Site Energy Audit provides a detailed breakdown of energy consumption and on-site solutions. Opt for a hassle-free experience with our Remote Energy Audit, conducted remotely through online video calls and email correspondence.

Small and medium-sized businesses in Ireland can take advantage of our Free SME Energy Audit, while large industrial facilities benefit from our Investment Grade Energy Audit, focusing on production improvements and energy savings.

Join us on the path to a more sustainable and cost-effective future.

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Professional Services

At Celtic Dynamics, we offer an array of professional services tailored to your engineering and technical needs. Our services include Project Management outsourcing for engineering firms or facilities, Solution Design Research and development with detailed proposals, Technical Engineering Consulting, technical document development, Detailed Design outsourcing, Life Cycle Assessment analysis, and ROI analysis.

We also provide expertise in developing Google and Excel spreadsheet tools for engineering and technical purposes. Whether you’re seeking efficient project management or Technical Documentation Support, we’ve got the solutions you need.

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Energy Audit

Energy Services

At Celtic Dynamics, we provide a range of energy services to boost your projects and sustainability efforts. Our offerings include Energy Reports for detailed project analysis, Carbon Neutrality Roadmaps to meet carbon reduction goals, energy grant applications to secure funding, Energy Modeling for various project types, thermal decarbonisation modeling for emissions reduction, and measurement and verification services to ensure savings and compliance.

We also support energy and Carbon Management, as well as energy-efficient design projects. Let us help you power your progress and achieve your energy and sustainability objectives. Learn more about how our energy services can benefit your specific needs.

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All Services

Our Comprehensive List of Services to Help Your Business
Full Site Energy AuditEnergy AuditOur Full Site Energy Audit is
Celtic Dynamics' most popular service,
providing you with a comprehensive overview
of your current energy consumption and a
detailed list of on-site solutions.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Remote Energy Audit by Celtic DynamicsEnergy Audit
Our Remote Energy Audit offers a comprehensive
analysis of your energy use and on-site solutions
all remotely, no on-site visits needed.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
FREE SME Energy AuditEnergy AuditWe provide a FREE SME Energy Audit
utilising the SSEA Voucher Scheme.
Limited Availability for this service.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Investment Grade Energy AuditEnergy AuditThe pinnacle of Celtic Dynamics' audit services,
specifically tailored for large industrial facilities.
This comprehensive audit not only focuses on
energy savings but also addresses production
and other improvements.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Remote Working Energy AuditEnergy AuditThis unique offering addresses the challenges
posed by dispersed workforces, providing a
systematic approach for companies to assess
and enhance their employees' home energy
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Independent Opinion Energy AuditEnergy AuditA comprehensive re-assessment of proposed
energy solutions. This specialised service
ensures transparency, accuracy, and optimal
performance in your energy initiatives.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Domestic Energy AuditEnergy AuditA specialised service tailored for homeowners in
Ireland. Utilising the Building Energy Rating (BER)
certification method, this audit aims to enhance
the energy efficiency of your home, providing you
with valuable insights and recommendations
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Turnkey Energy ProjectsEnergy AuditOur most comprehensive service designed to
revolutionise your business's energy efficiency for
decades to come. The Full Site Energy Project
encompasses a strategic, step-by-step process,
from a thorough energy audit to project
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Engineering Web Call ConsultationProfessional ServicesAn open discussion web call
available to anyone seeking expert advice
on a variety of topics.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Project ManagementProfessional ServicesOur Project Management services offer a
comprehensive solution, providing expert
oversight and support throughout the lifecycle of
your energy project.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Solution Design and DevelopmentProfessional ServicesThis offering is a strategic outsourcing solution
for engineering firms and facilities seeking
comprehensive development of energy or
technical engineering solutions.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Technical Engineering ConsultingProfessional ServicesA specialised consulting and contracting solution
dedicated to technical engineering and energy
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Technical Document DevelopmentProfessional ServicesTailored for engineering firms and companies,
our assistance ensures the creation of
comprehensive and effective technical
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Detailed Design EngineeringProfessional ServicesOur team specialises in design development for
energy or technical engineering solutions,
including calculations, cost breakdowns,
equipment lists, drawings, planning, and a
detailed quotation.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Life Cycle AssessmentProfessional ServicesOur service goes beyond the immediate project
scope, offering a comprehensive life cycle
assessment analysis. This includes savings
calculations, cost breakdowns, grant
calculations, maintenance costs, overhauls, and
a detailed quotation.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
ROI AnalysisProfessional ServicesTailored for engineering firms or facilities,
our service delves into the comprehensive
assessment of the solution's ROI.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Google Spreadsheet Tool DevelopmentProfessional ServicesOptimise your workflow and calculations
with the creation of engineering
technical tools or calculation sheets.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Excel Spreadsheet DevelopmentProfessional ServicesA tailored solution for the creation of
engineering technical tools or
calculation sheets, designed for
engineering teams.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Energy ReportsEnergy ServicesTailored for projects seeking to assess potential
savings, our service provides a comprehensive
high-level report
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Carbon Neutrality RoadmapsEnergy ServicesA comprehensive service designed to guide
your facility or company towards achieving
zero carbon emissions.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Energy Grant ApplicationsEnergy ServicesOur service is tailored to guide you
through the specific documentation,
assessments, and procedures required
to qualify for funding.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Energy ModellingEnergy ServicesWe develop energy models to support
a range of energy analyses and projects,
including commercial, industrial, or
residential project.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Carbon ManagementEnergy ServicesAn all-encompassing solution designed
to support clients in managing
carbon emissions on-site
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >
Energy Efficient DesignEnergy ServicesTailored to meet the rigorous standards
of EXEED Certification to optimise energy
efficiency for commercial, industrial, or
residential developments.
30 mins - OnlineLearn More >

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Our Partners

Celtic Dynamics has established relationships with a range of registered bodies and organisations that provide energy grants. These include:

CSRD – Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive
GRI – Global Reporting Initiative

GRI provides the world’s most widely used ESG reporting standards. We are certified to compile GRI reports, which cover topics that range from human rights, biodiversity, waste, emissions, diversity, equality, health and safety etc.

SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland)

As a registered Energy Auditor and EPC Facilitators, we are well-equipped to assist with SEAI services and grant applications.

Local Enterprise Office (Green Panels)

We are qualified to assist businesses in securing energy grants from the Local Enterprise Office through Green Panels programs. 

Association of Energy Engineers (Certified Energy Manager)

We are Certified Energy Managers with the Association of Energy Engineers with full access to their Energy Engineering Resources and Networks.

IDA (Sustainable Framework Fund Technical Support)

We provide technical support for businesses seeking grants from the IDA’s Sustainable Framework Fund.

Enterprise Ireland (Green Service Provider)

Our services are aligned with the criteria set by Enterprise Ireland and we are registered green service providers.

IDEAM (Member and Green Manufacturing Support)

Our membership with IDEAM allows us to extend support to businesses in the field of green manufacturing.

Galway Chamber (Member)

We maintain membership with the Galway Chamber, offering specialised support for its members seeking energy grants and energy grant assessments.

At Celtic Dynamics, our mission is to facilitate your access to energy grants and make the process as efficient as possible. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your energy-saving and carbon reduction goals while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Contact us today to explore how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs and grant application requirements.  Together, we can make a meaningful impact on energy conservation and environmental sustainability.


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