Energy Solution Design and Development by Celtic Dynamics

Embark on a Journey of Innovation!

Celtic Dynamics opens the door to outsourcing your solution development needs. From energy solutions to technical engineering advancements, our service includes in-depth research, meticulous development, and the creation of a comprehensive technical proposal. This document serves as the blueprint for your project, featuring calculations, cost breakdowns, and a quotation to propel your solution into the next stages of development.

Benefits of Celtic Dynamics’ Solution Design & Development

Expert Outsourcing

Leverage the expertise of Celtic Dynamics for solution development, allowing your team to focus on core competencies.

Comprehensive Technical Proposal

Receive a detailed blueprint of your solution, including calculations, cost breakdowns, and a quotation for seamless project progression.


Outsourcing solution development ensures cost-effectiveness, optimising resources and enhancing efficiency.

Accelerated Project Progression

Move swiftly from conceptualization to project or detail design with a well-defined technical proposal.

Innovation Support

Access cutting-edge solutions and advancements through our dedicated research and development process.


Grant Assistance

Celtic Dynamics actively explores grants on behalf of your company, ensuring you can take advantage of available financial assistance to optimise the overall cost of the solution design and development.


Quotation & Design Engineering

Celtic Dynamics understands the financial considerations associated with energy improvements. As part of our commitment to providing value, we actively research available grants for businesses. This proactive approach ensures that our clients receive the best possible price for our services.

Ready to innovate and bring your solutions to life?

Request to book our Solution Design and Development service today. A world of possibilities awaits as we discuss the specifics of your project and provide you with a tailored quotation.

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