Life Cycle Assessment by Celtic Dynamics

Elevate your understanding of energy or technical engineering solutions with Celtic Dynamics’ Life Cycle Assessment service—an essential analysis supporting the examination of life cycle costs for engineering firms or facilities.

Elevate your understanding of the benefits of engineering solutions with Celtic Dynamics’ Life Cycle Analysis service—an essential analysis supporting the examination of life cycle costs for businesses/ facilities. Our service goes beyond the immediate project scope, offering a comprehensive life cycle assessment analysis. This includes savings calculations, cost breakdowns, grant calculations, maintenance costs, overhauls, and a detailed quotation This comprehensive assessment serves as the foundation for progressing your solution into a full project or detailed design.

An Energy Audit is Carried Out in 3 Steps


Onsite Assessments

Conducted with your onsite team through a combination of email correspondence and, when necessary, site visits. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of your specific energy needs.


Energy Consumption Breakdown

Provide your team with a detailed breakdown of your current energy consumption. This insight serves as the foundation for identifying opportunities for improvement.


Tailored Energy Solutions Proposal

Craft a proposal of recommended energy solutions, including the below.

This Comprehensive Proposal Includes:

  • Detailed Energy Calculations: Precise calculations illustrating the potential impact of proposed solutions on energy consumption.
  • Cost Estimate Breakdown: Transparent overview of costs, incorporating details about local grants or assistance programs.

Benefits of Celtic Dynamics’ Life Cycle Assessment:

Holistic Cost Analysis

Gain insights into the comprehensive life cycle costs of your engineering solutions.

Informed Decision-Making

Make informed decisions based on savings calculations, cost breakdowns, and grant calculations.

Optimised Maintenance Planning

Understand the long-term maintenance costs and potential overhauls for sustainable project planning.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Leverage the analysis to identify cost-effective solutions, optimising resources and project efficiency.


Grant Assistance

Celtic Dynamics actively researches for grants on behalf of your company, ensuring you can access available financial assistance to optimise the overall cost of the solutions.

Ready to gain a comprehensive understanding of the life cycle costs of your engineering solutions?

Book a call with Celtic Dynamics to discuss the details further and receive a quotation. Seize this opportunity to enhance sustainability and reduce energy expenses for your business.

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