Carbon Management Service by Celtic Dynamics

Designed to Support Clients in Managing Carbon Emissions On-Site

Celtic Dynamics takes the lead in providing robust support for carbon management on-site. This service is executed in accordance with industry standards such as ISO 50001, NZEB, and NZCB, ensuring a commitment to continual improvement in energy performance, energy efficiency, and carbon reductions.

The Carbon Management Service provides:

Initial setup of energy and carbon management systems (EnMS).
Continual management and support for EnMS and carbon management
Development of solutions and a culture of energy performance improvement and net zero emissions
Customised packages based on client-specific requirements

Carbon Management Key Standards:

  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems (EnMS): Establish systems and processes for continual improvement in energy performance, efficiency, use, and consumption.
  • NZEB (Net Zero Energy Buildings) and NZCB (Net Zero Carbon Buildings): Commitment frameworks to drive results in both energy and carbon reductions.

Benefits of Celtic Dynamics’ Carbon Management Service:

ISO 50001 Compliance

Align with the ISO 50001 standard for continuous improvement in energy performance.

Net Zero Commitment

Adhere to Net Zero Energy and Net Zero Carbon Building frameworks for substantial energy and carbon reductions.

Customised Solutions

Receive tailored packages to meet the specific requirements of your site.

Cultural Shift

Foster a culture of energy performance improvement and sustainability within your site team.

Ready to discuss how our Carbon Management service can benefit your site?

Empower your site with sustainable practices through Celtic Dynamics’ Carbon Management service—an all-encompassing solution designed to support clients in managing carbon emissions on-site. Explore the benefits and book a free discovery call to discuss how we can tailor this service to meet your specific requirements.

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