Energy Project Management by Celtic Dynamics

A Comprehensive Solution

At Celtic Dynamics, we recognize that effective project management is the cornerstone of success for any engineering endeavour. Our Project Management services offer a comprehensive solution, providing expert oversight and support throughout the lifecycle of your project. From design to handover, our dedicated team ensures that your project is executed seamlessly, meeting your objectives and exceeding expectations.

Service Overview:


Project Management:

Celtic Dynamics takes the lead in overseeing the critical aspects of your project, offering expert guidance and support to ensure its success. 



The design stage sets the foundation for project success. Celtic Dynamics supports clients by providing a range of services, including dedicated team support, solution design review, procurement process management, grant application support, and more. We guide you through due diligence, ensuring that design aspects and costs align with project objectives.



Continuous monitoring is essential during the installation stage. Celtic Dynamics provides site supervision, project management, weekly reporting, health and safety management, procurement management, and more. We ensure that the installation progresses smoothly, adhering to schedules, budgets, and safety protocols.



Our commissioning services involve meticulous planning, testing, adjusting, and verifying to ensure that your facility operates as a fully functional system. Celtic Dynamics manages the commissioning process, including snag lists, redline drawings, certificates, and comprehensive documentation.



The handover stage is crucial for a seamless transition. Celtic Dynamics ensures a detailed handover process, providing complete project health and safety documentation, training workshops, handover packages, contracts, and maintenance agreements.


Measurement & Verification:

In the final stage, we assist with savings verification using the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). Our Measurement and Verification team provides ongoing support, energy management services, monitoring, reporting, and detailed reports.

Benefits of Celtic Dynamics’ Project Management:

Expert Oversight

Benefit from the expertise of our dedicated project management team.

Efficient Design

Streamline the design process with our support, ensuring cost-effectiveness and compliance.

Smooth Installation

Monitor and manage installations effectively, adhering to schedules, budgets, and safety standards.

Comprehensive Commissioning

Ensure a fully functional facility through meticulous planning and testing.

Seamless Handover

Experience a detailed handover process with comprehensive documentation and training.

Verified Savings

Our Measurement and Verification services provide ongoing support, ensuring the project’s success.


Quotation & Design Engineering

Celtic Dynamics understands the financial considerations associated with energy improvements. As part of our commitment to providing value, we actively research available grants for businesses during all stages of project management. This proactive approach ensures that our clients receive the best possible price for our services.

Ready to elevate your project’s success?

 Book a call with Celtic Dynamics to discuss the details further and receive a customised quotation. Our Project Management services are designed to ensure the efficiency and success of your engineering projects.

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