Turnkey Energy Projects by Celtic Dynamics

Our Most Comprehensive Service

Celtic Dynamics presents Turnkey Energy Projects, our most comprehensive service designed to revolutionise your business’s energy efficiency for decades to come. The Full Site Energy Project encompasses a strategic, step-by-step process, from a thorough energy audit to project completion. Our goal is to meticulously report and refine your energy consumption, leading to reduced carbon emissions and substantial cost savings.

Project Process

1. Energy Audit

A full site assessment is conducted to identify cost-effective energy solutions for your facility. Celtic Dynamics establishes a “Turnkey” cost breakdown, ensuring the selection of the most effective solutions.

2. Design

Rigorous due diligence is performed, establishing design aspects, costs, procurement, safety management, timelines, and risks. This phase lays the foundation for a seamless project execution.

3. Installation

Full installation of the selected solutions is carried out onsite, incorporating project management, safety measures, reporting, and budget control.

4. Commissioning

Solutions are commissioned to ensure optimal functionality and the achievement of desired operating conditions.

5. Handover

Training, manuals, and a detailed handover of projects are provided to the client, ensuring a smooth transition.

6. Measurement & Verification

Measurement and Verification: Utilising the IPMVP standard, Celtic Dynamics measures and verifies the savings achieved through the implemented solutions.

7. Future Projects Proposal

Any additional projects identified during the project are presented to the client, with relevant support services provided by Celtic Dynamics, such as maintenance agreements, energy management, or carbon management.

Benefits of Turnkey Energy Projects:

Long-term Efficiency

Ensure sustained energy efficiency for your business over the long term.

Cost Savings

Achieve substantial cost savings through optimised energy consumption.

Carbon Emission Reduction

Contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

Comprehensive Support

Receive support services for ongoing maintenance, energy management, and carbon management.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure adherence to energy efficiency regulations and standards.

Grant Assistance

Celtic Dynamics understands the financial considerations associated with such comprehensive projects. As part of our service, we actively research and apply for grants on behalf of your company, maximising available financial assistance to optimise the overall cost of the project.

Ready to transform your business’s energy efficiency?

Book a call with Celtic Dynamics to discuss the details further and receive a customised quotation. The Turnkey Energy Projects are your gateway to a sustainable, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious future.

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