Investment Grade Energy Audit by Celtic Dynamics

Specifically tailored for large industrial facilities

The Investment Grade Energy Audit stands as the pinnacle of Celtic Dynamics’ audit services, specifically tailored for large industrial facilities. This comprehensive audit not only focuses on energy savings but also addresses production and other improvements. Celtic Dynamics commits to providing your facility with a thorough assessment and a proposal encompassing recommended energy solutions and process improvements for onsite implementation.

An Energy Audit is Carried Out in 3 Steps


Onsite Assessments

Our experienced team collaborates with your onsite personnel to gather pertinent technical information. This collaborative effort involves communication through emails and conference calls, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your unique energy requirements.


Energy Consumption Analysis:

Celtic Dynamics meticulously analyses the collected data to provide your team with a detailed breakdown of your current energy consumption onsite. This step serves as the foundation for developing targeted and effective energy solutions.


Tailored Energy and Process Improvement Proposal:

Building upon the insights gained from the energy audit, Celtic Dynamics crafts a detailed proposal of recommended energy solutions specifically tailored to your business.

This Comprehensive Proposal Includes:

  • Initial Presentation: An overview of the proposed solutions and their benefits.
  • Detailed Energy Calculations: Precise calculations outlining the expected impact of the proposed solutions on your energy consumption.
  • Cost Estimate Breakdown: Transparent breakdown of costs, including potential savings and applicable local grants or assistance programs.

Benefits of Celtic Dynamics’ Energy Audit:

Cost Savings

Identify and implement energy-efficient solutions to reduce operational costs.

Environmental Impact

Minimise your carbon footprint by adopting sustainable energy practices.

Operational Efficiency

Enhance the overall efficiency of your operations with targeted energy improvements.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure adherence to energy efficiency regulations and standards.

Customised Solutions

 Tailored recommendations based on the unique needs and challenges of your industrial facility.


Grant Assistance

Celtic Dynamics understands the financial considerations associated with large-scale improvements. As part of our service, we identify the best possible grants to bring projects forward to installation. This proactive approach ensures that your facility benefits from available financial assistance, optimising the overall net cost of subsequent works.


Turnkey Quotation & Engineering

Upon completion of the audit, Celtic Dynamics provides a detailed quotation for the proposed solution works. Should you choose to progress, we offer comprehensive turnkey service to guide the implementation of the recommended energy and process improvement solutions.

Ready to take the next step in optimising your energy consumption?

Ready to elevate the efficiency and performance of your large industrial facility? Book a call with Celtic Dynamics to discuss the details further and receive a quotation. Our Investment Grade Energy Audit is your pathway to sustainable energy practices and enhanced production capabilities.

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