Remote Working Energy Audit by Celtic Dynamics

A specialised service for remote workers

In response to the evolving landscape of remote work and the imperative for businesses to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, Celtic Dynamics introduces a specialised service: The Remote Working Energy Audit. This unique offering addresses the challenges posed by dispersed workforces, providing a systematic approach for companies to assess and enhance their employees’ home energy efficiency.

In the pursuit of carbon neutrality and sustainable business practices, Celtic Dynamics recognises the need for a holistic strategy that includes remote employees. The Remote Working Energy Audit is designed for companies with employees working from home, offering a comprehensive assessment of the energy consumption for employees.

Key Components of the Remote Working Energy Audit:

Energy Assessment

Conducted remotely, this audit involves assessing the energy consumption for the employee’s providing a detailed analysis of energy sources.


Recommendations for the Employee: Tailored suggestions to improve energy efficiency at home and reduce their carbon footprint.

Energy Consumption Breakdown

A detailed analysis outlining the distribution of energy usage within the home.

Calculations Sheet

A comprehensive document allowing employees to compare changes in energy efficiency over time.

Increased Energy Awareness

Engage and educate employees participating in the scheme about their energy consumption and its impact.

Benefits of Celtic Dynamics’ Energy Audit:

Customised Solutions

Tailored recommendations for individual homes, optimising energy efficiency.

Carbon Neutrality Compliance

Support your company’s journey towards achieving carbon neutrality by addressing the energy impact of remote work.

Employee Engagement

Foster a sense of environmental responsibility among employees with increased awareness and actionable insights.

Strategic Planning

Obtain valuable data for strategic decision-making in the context of sustainability goals


Grant Assistance

Celtic Dynamics is committed to facilitating your company’s transition to carbon neutrality. As part of our service, we actively research suitable grants, ensuring that you leverage available financial assistance to optimise the benefit of the audit.


Special Addition:

Home Energy Wellness Workshop (5 employees minimum)

Enhance the impact of the Remote Working Energy Audit by offering a Home Energy Wellness Workshop for participating employees. This workshop provides additional insights and practical tips to create a sustainable and energy-efficient home and work environment.

Ready to take the next step in optimising your energy consumption?

Ready to empower your remote workforce with sustainable energy practices? Book a call with Celtic Dynamics to discuss the details further and receive a customised quotation. The Remote Working Energy Audit is a pioneering service, aligning your company with carbon neutrality goals while enhancing the well-being of your employees.

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