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EU Renewable Energy Financing Mechanism RENEWFM

The EU Renewable Energy Financing Mechanism (RENEWFM) is a grant scheme designed to facilitate and support new renewable energy projects that contribute significantly to the EU’s ambitious target of increasing the renewable energy share in the final energy consumption by 2030. Operating on a cooperative framework, RENEWFM links countries that voluntarily contribute funds (contributing countries) with countries willing to host new renewable energy projects. This collaborative approach allows all participating countries to share in the statistical benefits derived from the generated renewable energy.

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Eligibility Criteria:

Public or private entities involved in the planning, development, or operation of Renewable Energy Projects of Common Interest (PCIs) eligible for funding under RENEWFM are encouraged to apply. To be eligible for the grant, applicants must:

  • Legal Entity: Be a legal entity established in an EU Member State or an associated country.
  • Participant Identification Code (PIC): Possess a valid Participant Identification Code (PIC).
  • Feedback Commitment: Agree to provide feedback and data to the European Commission.
  • No Duplication of Funding: Certify not to have received any other public funding for the same project.
  • Compliance: Comply with relevant EU and national environmental legislation and adhere to the ‘Do no significant harm’ Technical Guidance.
Grant Details:

The grant value under RENEWFM is up to €5 million, covering up to 100% of the eligible costs associated with hiring a consultant/trainer for renewable energy projects. Eligible costs are capped at €900 per day, inclusive of travel, subsistence, and all out-of-pocket expenses. It’s important to note that the grant cannot be utilised for general consultancy or regular operating costs.

Application Process:

Applicants must submit the following documents along with the online application form:

  • Legal Entity Form: A copy of the legal entity form.
  • Financial Identification Form: A copy of the financial identification form.
  • Proposal Template: A copy of the proposal template.
How to Participate:

To take part in RENEWFM as hosts, contributors, or project developers, EU countries and companies should respond to the official calls for expression of interest and proposals, respectively, launched by the European Commission annually.

Join RENEWFM today and be a part of the cooperative effort to drive the adoption of renewable energy across the EU, contributing to a sustainable and greener future for all.

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