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SEAI Community Grant Scheme

Welcome to a community-driven initiative for energy efficiency—SEAI’s Community Grant Programme. Discover the benefits, who can benefit, and the types of projects that could be funded through this impactful scheme.


Who Benefits?

The SEAI Community Grant Programme aims to bring energy savings to a diverse range of beneficiaries, including:

  • Homeowners
  • Community Groups
  • Private Sector Organizations
  • Public Sector Bodies
  • Communities enhancing the energy efficiency of shared spaces such as GAA clubs, libraries, and sports halls. 
  • Commercial organisations are gaining a competitive edge through reduced energy costs, while homes are being upgraded to enhance comfort and address energy poverty.
Projects Supported

Successful community projects under the SEAI Community Grant Programme showcase the following characteristics:

  • Community Benefits: Projects with multiple elements, not a single focus.
  • Sustainable Solutions: A mix of sustainable technologies and innovations.
  • Energy Savings: Projects with justified energy savings.
  • Project Ambition: Demonstrating ambition and innovation.
  • Delivery Capability: Proven ability to deliver the proposed project.
Measures Supported

The grant programme supports a variety of measures, including:

  • Building Fabric Upgrades
  • Technology and System Upgrades
  • Integration of Control Systems
  • Integration of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Domestic Combined Fabric Upgrades
  • Single building demonstration projects are also considered under the Communities Grant.
How the Programme Works

SEAI Community Grants operate with a community-oriented, cross-sectoral approach. Project Coordinators play a crucial role in managing the entire process—from project submission and grant application to the successful delivery of contractor works.

Partnership is Key

A successful community energy project requires collaboration. Project Coordinators bring together diverse organisations, including:

  • GAA clubs and sports facilities
  • Local authorities
  • Retail outlets
  • Factories
  • Community centres
  • Not-for-profit organisations and charities
  • Hotels
  • Public sector facilities and schools


By combining buildings under the same retrofit program, community-wide energy improvements become more efficient and cost-effective.

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