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Community and Voluntary Sector Energy Support Scheme

The CVESS is a scheme by Poball that provides for a once-off payment to eligible charities and community and voluntary sector organisations to help them cope with the rising cost of energy and the impact it is having on the sector. Charities and community and voluntary sector organisations that are tax compliant, carry on a Case I trade or Case II profession, and have not received support from any other Government Energy Support Scheme. The eligibility criteria vary depending on the category of the organisation. For organisations funded by the Department of Health (under section 39 of the Health Act), they must fully meet the criteria of the CVESS and the CVESS will fund any shortfall between the amount paid by the Department of Health or HSE and the eligible amount under the CVESS. For organisations with income from trade that have been deemed not eligible for support under the Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme (TBESS) administered by the Revenue Commissioners on the basis that their income derives from passive trade, they must provide evidence of this from Revenue. For organisations with multiple facilities or branches, they must submit a separate application for each facility or branch.

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The value of the grant is based on a formula that takes into account the size, location, and energy consumption of the organisation. The formula is as follows:

Grant = (A x B x C) + D

A = Number of full-time equivalent staff employed by the organisation

B = Location factor (1.0 for urban areas, 1.5 for rural areas)

C = Energy factor (0.5 for electricity only, 1.0 for electricity and gas)

D = Fixed amount of €500

The grant is subject to a minimum of €500 and a maximum of €10,000 per organisation.


To apply for the CVESS, organisations must provide the following documents:


  • A copy of their Tax Clearance Certificate
  • A copy of their most recent energy bill
  • A completed application form and guidance
  • A completed bill schedule
  • A completed facility or branch list template (if applicable)
  • Evidence of ineligibility for TBESS on the basis of passive trading (if applicable)

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