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Just Transition Mechanism (JTM)

Embracing the challenges of climate transition in a fair and inclusive manner, the Just Transition Mechanism (JTM) stands as a key tool within the European Green Deal. Designed to ensure a climate-neutral economy by 2050, the JTM commits to leaving no one behind by offering targeted support.

Three Pillars of JTM:


Just Transition Fund:

  • Alleviates socio-economic impact in affected regions.
  • Mobilises around €55 billion (2021-2027).

InvestEU Just Transition Scheme:

  • Supports entities contributing to EU’s climate goals.
  • Ensures fair transition and development.

Public Sector Loan Facility (PSLF):

  • Managed by the European Climate, Infrastructure, and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA).
  • Supports projects addressing challenges from the climate transition.
  • Mobilises investments with European Investment Bank (EIB) support.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Legal Entity: Established in an EU Member State or associated country.
  • Holds a valid Participant Identification Code (PIC).
Feedback and Data:

Commits to providing feedback and data to the European Commission.

Has not received other public funding for the same project.


Adheres to relevant EU and national environmental legislation.

Aligns with the ‘Do no significant harm’ Technical Guidance.

Grant Value and Application Process:

Grant Rates: Range from 10% to 100%, based on JTM pillar, action type, and company size.

Eligible Costs: Include capital expenditure, consultancy fees, staff costs, and other direct costs.

Application Documents:
  • Copy of legal entity form.
  • Copy of financial identification form.
  • Copy of the proposal template.
  • Copy of the ethics self-assessment form.
Exploring the Public Sector Loan Facility (PSLF)

The PSLF, as the third pillar of JTM, focuses on addressing social, environmental, and economic challenges during the transition. Managed by CINEA, the facility mobilises additional investments with EIB support.

  • EIB loans (up to EUR 10 billion) and EU grants (up to EUR 1.5 billion).
  • Supports public sector entities in the most affected regions.
  • Balances development needs in the transition to a climate-neutral economy.

Receive a grant from the Commission and a loan from the EIB.

Grant component managed by DG REGIO and implemented by CINEA.

Exploration and Further Opportunities

Discover more about funding opportunities under the Just Transition Mechanism. Explore the Just Transition Platform to navigate through the other two pillars and contribute to a fair, sustainable, and climate-neutral future. Just Transition Platform.


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