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SEAI Heating Controls Grant

Control Your Heating, Enhance Your Comfort

Discover the Heating Controls Grant—an opportunity to take control of your home’s heating and enjoy a warmer, more energy-efficient living space. Heating controls revolutionise the way you manage your heating and hot water schedules, offering a smarter approach to home comfort.


About the Grant

This grant, valued at €700, empowers homeowners to install advanced heating controls, optimising energy usage and creating a more efficient heating system. Learn about the grant value and the straightforward application process.

Grant Value for Heating Controls

The Heating Controls Grant is designed to support homeowners in making their homes more energy-efficient, providing a grant value of €700.

Who Can Apply?

All homeowners, including landlords, with homes built and occupied before 2011, are eligible. The eligibility is defined by the date of your electricity metre installation. It’s important to note that your property won’t be eligible if you are applying for or have previously claimed a Heat Pump System grant, as heating controls are integral to the Heat Pump System grant works.

Homeowner Application Guide

Familiarise yourself with the comprehensive Homeowner Application Guide, a vital resource detailing the process of applying for and claiming cash grants, complete with terms and conditions. Ensure a smooth application process with this essential guide.

How to Apply for an Individual Energy Grant

Follow these steps to apply for one or more home energy upgrade grants:


Choose Your Energy Upgrade Grant/s:

Decide on the energy upgrades you wish to carry out, keeping in mind the important note on Solar PV and Heat Pump grants.

Find a Registered Contractor:

Choose from our list of SEAI registered contractors in your area to ensure quality service.

Apply for Your Grant:

Utilise our online, postal, or Energy Partner application methods for convenience.

Accept Your Grant Offer:

Ensure grant approval is in place before commencing any works.

Get the Works Done:

Complete your chosen upgrades within the 8-month timeframe.

Post-Works BER Assessment:

All grant applicants must conduct a post-works Building Energy Rating (BER) assessment.

Grant Payment Request:

Submit the required forms to receive your grant payment.


For more information see:


Grant applications are a key specialty of Celtic Dynamics. We actively research and apply for grants on behalf of your company, ensuring you can access available financial assistance to optimise the overall cost of your energy projects.

How to Proceed:

Ready to secure funding for your energy-saving projects? Book a call with Celtic Dynamics to discuss the details further and receive a customised quotation. Our Energy Grant Applications service is designed to enhance your chances of success in securing grants for your energy initiatives.

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