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SEAI: Solar Water Heating Grant

Solar thermal systems harness the energy from the sun to provide hot water for your home, addressing 50-60% of your annual hot water needs. The Solar Water Heating Grant supports homeowners in installing solar thermal systems, contributing to energy efficiency and sustainable living.


Grant Value:

Grant Name: Solar Water Heating Grant

Value: €1200

Guide to Solar Water Heating:

Refer to the comprehensive guide on installing a solar water heating system in your home. “A Homeowner’s Guide To Solar Thermal For Hot Water” provides valuable information on solar technologies and their application for hot water needs.

Who Can Apply:

The grant is available for all homeowners, including private landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2021 (based on the installation date of your electricity metre). Unlike other grant measures, the home’s construction date must be before 2021, not 2011.

Compliance Check:

This grant is tied to the energy upgrade for the entire home. The solar thermal system should be designed based on the average number of people that could live in a home of your size, not the number of occupants. A compliance check by your registered contractor is crucial before starting the work to ensure grant eligibility.

Planning Considerations:

When installing a solar thermal system, ensure that the total collector area does not exceed 12m2 or 50% of the home’s total roof area, as planning permission may be required. Discuss this requirement with your registered contractor.

Before You Apply:

Familiarise yourself with the comprehensive Homeowner Application Guide to Applying For and Claiming Cash Grants with Terms and Conditions.

Learn about the grant values and application process by visiting:


Grant applications are a key specialty of Celtic Dynamics. We actively research and apply for grants on behalf of your company, ensuring you can access available financial assistance to optimise the overall cost of your energy projects.

How to Proceed:

Ready to secure funding for your energy-saving projects? Book a call with Celtic Dynamics to discuss the details further and receive a customised quotation. Our Energy Grant Applications service is designed to enhance your chances of success in securing grants for your energy initiatives.

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