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Government of Ireland: Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund

The Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF), part of the €500 million challenge-based fund initiated by Project Ireland 2040, operates under the National Development Plan (NDP) 2018-2027.

Managed by the Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment and administered by Enterprise Ireland, the DTIF focuses on investing in disruptive technologies and applications commercially. Aligned with National Strategic Outcome 5, it fosters collaboration between Ireland’s research sector and industry, enabling enterprises to vie for funding that supports technology development, adoption, and the emergence of new startups.

The DTIF aims to:
  • Support Irish enterprises in capitalising on opportunities linked to disruptive technologies by mitigating risks in collaborative projects.
  • Foster collaboration among Irish enterprises to address challenges posed by emerging disruptive technologies, anticipating transformative impacts on work and lifestyle.
  • Utilise and expand on research conducted in Ireland by facilitating the delivery and exploitation of technology-based solutions.
  • Encourage extensive RD&I collaborations between the public and private sectors, emphasising partnerships between large firms and SMEs.
  • Enhance spin-out, spin-in, and startup activities related to disruptive technology.
  • Equip Irish enterprises and public bodies to participate in global partnerships for the development and deployment of disruptive technologies.
  • Promote innovation and collaboration between Ireland’s enterprises and its research base.
  • In essence, the DTIF focuses on funding collaborations showcasing technology-driven disruptive innovation that can alter markets, transform business operations, and introduce new products or business models.
DTIF Call 6

The sixth call for applications to the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF) was launched on 8 March 2023 and closed on 31 May 2023. Eligible applications went through a two stage evaluation process and to date, 11 projects have been approved €51 million in funding.

DTIF Call 6 applications were assessed by panels of international experts against four criteria – quality of the disruptive technology, excellence of overall approach, economic impact and sustainability, and strength of the collaboration.

Of the total 49 project partners awarded funding in DTIF Call 6, 33 (67%) are based outside of Dublin. Over the six DTIF Calls, 57% (€208 million) of all DTIF funding has been awarded to partners located outside of Dublin.

The DTIF Dashboard

The DTIF Dashboard highlights the 103 successful projects that have been approved (in principle) for funding in Calls 1-6 and shows the regional spread of DTIF project partners involved in collaborative research across Ireland. The data is sourced from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and Enterprise Ireland.

The data may be viewed at its source in Tableau Public at Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund – Tableau Public.

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