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SEAI: Better Energy Communities Scheme / Community Grant (Business)

The Better Energy Communities Scheme, now known as SEAI Community Grant (Business) is a national initiative operated by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). This scheme aims to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings within communities across Ireland, providing funding for a variety of retrofit measures.


Funding Opportunities

Under the Community Grant (Business), funding is available for a wide range of buildings, including:

  • Private businesses: Up to 30% funding
  • Public sector: Up to 30% funding
  • Community/Not-for-profit groups/facilities: Up to 50% funding
Supported Measures

The Better Energy Communities Scheme supports various retrofit measures, including:

  • Insulation upgrades
  • Heating system upgrades (e.g., wood pellet boilers, heat pumps)
  • Advanced heating controls upgrades
  • Mechanical ventilation systems
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Renewable energy solutions (e.g., solar hot water, solar PV, heat pumps)
  • Window/door upgrades
  • Refrigeration upgrades
  • Electric Vehicle chargers
  • Deep retrofits
  • Accessing Grants


To access these grants, you have two options:

  • Self-Management: Apply for grants and manage the contractors and process independently.
  • SEAI Registered Company: Utilise an SEAI registered company (Celtic Dynamics) to apply for grants and manage the contractors on your behalf.
Qualification Criteria

To qualify for grants, you must:

  • Own a property built and occupied before specific years depending on the type of retrofit measure.
  • Use materials and products meeting required standards.
  • Employ contractors from the SEAI’s registered list.
  • Obtain a Building Energy Rating (BER) assessment after the works are completed.
Apply Now

Transform your community into a hub of energy efficiency and sustainability. Apply for the Better Energy Communities Scheme today and take the first step towards a greener future for Ireland.

For more information see:

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How to Proceed:

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