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SEAI: Electric Vehicles for Business

Empowering Your Fleet with Sustainable Solutions.

The SEAI Electric Vehicles for Business Grant Scheme champions the transition to cleaner transport by offering financial support for the purchase of new N1 category battery electric vehicles (BEV). Tailored for businesses and public entities, this grant scheme provides a compelling incentive to embrace electric mobility and reduce environmental impact.


Grant Categories:
  • N1S Category: Small to medium vans (technically permissible maximum mass not exceeding 3500kg).
  • N1L Category: Large panel vans (technically permissible maximum laden mass of exactly 3500kg).
Grant Amounts:
  • N1S Category: €3,800 for vehicles with a list price of €14,000 or more.
  • N1L Category: €7,600 for vehicles with a list price of €20,000 or more.
Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the grant, applicants must:

  • Be a business or public entity registered in Ireland.
  • Purchase a new BEV from the list of approved vehicles.
  • Possess a valid tax clearance certificate.
  • Commit to retaining the vehicle for a minimum of three years, providing annual mileage data to SEAI.
  • Not have received any other public funding for the same vehicle.
Application Process:

The applicant must provide the following documents along with the online application form:

  • A copy of the vehicle invoice indicating the full cost and purchase date.
  • A copy of the vehicle registration certificate displaying the date of first registration and vehicle category.
  • A copy of the tax clearance certificate.
Why Choose EVs for Your Business:
  • Lower Costs: Savings through refuelling, maintenance, tolls, and road tax.
  • Positive Brand Image: A lower carbon footprint enhances your brand’s image and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Reduced Emissions: Make a positive impact on emissions associated with fleet transport.
Financial Supports for Companies:
  • Electric Vehicle Grants: SEAI provides grants for N1 category BEVs for businesses and public entities.
  • Motor Tax: Motor tax for BEVs is currently €120 per annum.
  • Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT): VRT relief is provided separately to SEAI grant support, reflected in the vehicle price.
  • Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA): A tax incentive scheme promoting investment in electric vehicles and associated charging infrastructure.
  • Benefit in Kind (BiK): BEVs qualify for a 0% BiK rate on the first €35,000 of the vehicle value without mileage conditions.
How to Apply:

Only a project coordinator can apply, and the application requires 10 pre BERs.


For more information see:


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How to Proceed:

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