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SEAI: Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant Scheme

The Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant Scheme, also known as the Croi Conaithe Fund, is dedicated to promoting home ownership. This scheme supports individuals or households for whom the refurbished property will serve as their principal private residence. Eligible applicants may receive grant assistance for the refurbishment of vacant properties, with a prioritisation framework to guide the selection process, aligned with overall available funding.


Eligibility Criteria:

Homeowners eligible for this scheme include:

First Time Buyers or ‘Fresh Start’ Qualifiers:

  • First-time buyers who have not purchased or built a home for themselves.
  • Those qualifying under the ‘Fresh Start’ principle, including individuals who have experienced divorce or separation, insolvency, or bankruptcy, and no longer have a legal interest in their previous home.

Applicants with Special Needs:

  • Disabled individuals or older people moving from their current home, which they are selling or have sold, seeking to refurbish and live in a vacant property.

Applicants Relocating from Current Homes:

  • Individuals moving from their current homes, which they are selling or have sold, with the intention to refurbish and live in a vacant property.
Application Process:

Interested homeowners are encouraged to refer to the provided link for detailed information and to initiate the online application process.

Important Note on Energy Upgrade Grants:

Homeowners eligible for the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant Scheme may also qualify for home energy upgrade grant supports through SEAI. However, it’s crucial to note that energy upgrade works can only be funded by one of the schemes: 

  • If energy works are funded through the Vacant Property Refurbishment grant, they are not eligible for support through SEAI home energy upgrade grant schemes. 
  • Conversely, if energy works are supported through SEAI grant schemes, they are not eligible for support through the Vacant Property Refurbishment grant scheme.
Notification Requirement:

If applying to both the Vacant Property Refurbishment grant scheme and SEAI for home energy upgrade support, homeowners must notify the local authority Grant Officer.

Applying to SEAI for Support:

Homeowners can apply directly through SEAI’s Home Energy Grants, with detailed technical standards and specifications associated with energy efficiency upgrades and grant payments documented for SEAI schemes.

For more information see:


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How to Proceed:

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