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Intertrade Ireland: Innovation Boost

nnovation Boost is a programme that supports cross-border business on the island of Ireland through developing and embedding innovation. The programme provides funding to hire a high calibre science, engineering or technology graduate and partner the applicant with a third level institution with specific expertise. Businesses that are tax compliant, carry on a Case I trade or Case II profession, and have a critical business problem or an innovative idea that requires external expertise and resources.


  • You can receive up to £56,000 /€67,900 funding towards an academic expert as well as a contribution to the salary of a project manager
  • It can help you develop or improve products or services.
  • The program can help you streamline business processes to increase efficiency and performance.
  • Opportunity to develop and implement new technologies and systems.
  • Opportunity to improve capabilities in innovation, design and technology.
  • Reduce any unnecessary costs in your business.
  • Be tax compliant and have a valid Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Carry on a Case I trade or Case II profession (this includes charities and approved sporting bodies that carry on certain activities)
  • Have a clear business problem or idea that requires external expertise and resources
  • Have the potential to increase sales, employment or exports
  • Be compliant with the European Union State Aid Temporary Crisis Framework and Transition (TCTF), which sets out overall limits on the financial support that may be claimed by single undertakings.

The value of the grant is equal to 50% of the salary of the graduate project manager (up to a ceiling) and 100% of the costs of the academic partner. The project duration can be either 12 months or 18 months, depending on the complexity and scope of the project. The maximum grant amount for a 12-month project is £39,000/€47,400, while the maximum grant amount for an 18-month project is £56,000/€67,90012.

To Apply:
  • A copy of their Tax Clearance Certificate
  • A completed application form and guidance
  • A completed project plan template with objectives, deliverables, milestones and budget
  • Evidence of baseline data and performance indicators for each objective area

To learn more please see:

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