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Upcoming Energy Audit Session: CEO Dylan Walsh at Galway Chamber

Event Title: Understanding Energy Audits: Unlocking Efficiency for Irish Businesses

Speaker: Dylan Walsh, CEO of Celtic Dynamics

Details: Galway City Chamber, Monday May 20th, 2pm

Galway Chamber

Energy efficiency is a critical component of running a successful and sustainable business. For Irish companies, understanding energy consumption patterns and discovering ways to reduce costs while improving sustainability is essential. Energy audits offer a practical and effective solution to achieve these goals. Join Dylan Walsh, CEO of Celtic Dynamics, to explore the transformative power of energy audits and how Celtic Dynamics can help your business secure grants to cover the costs.

In this engaging session, you will learn:

What an Energy Audit Entails: Discover the components of a comprehensive energy audit and how it provides insights into energy usage within your organisation. Learn about the three key steps in Celtic Dynamics’ energy audit process: onsite assessments, energy consumption analysis, and tailored energy solutions proposals.

Why Energy Audits Matter: Explore the benefits of energy audits, including cost savings, environmental impact, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and long-term sustainability. Understand how these benefits can significantly impact your bottom line and sustainability goals.

How to Secure Grants for Free Energy Audits: Celtic Dynamics specialises in helping businesses access grants and financial assistance for energy audits. Dylan Walsh will explain how companies can apply for the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s (SEAI) Support Scheme for Energy Audits (SSEA), which offers SMEs a €2,000 voucher toward the cost of a high-quality energy audit. Learn about the straightforward application process and how Celtic Dynamics can apply for businesses on their behalf.

Implementation and Ongoing Support: Find out how Celtic Dynamics supports your business from the grant application and initial audit, to the implementation of energy-saving solutions. Dylan will discuss the fixed-price quotation system and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition and sustained energy efficiency.


Who Should Attend?

This talk is ideal for business owners, operations managers, energy managers, and sustainability professionals interested in reducing energy costs and enhancing sustainability. It’s also suitable for businesses looking to comply with energy efficiency regulations and achieve long-term operational efficiency.


Don’t Miss Out!

If you’re interested in exploring how energy audits can benefit your business, join Dylan Walsh for this insightful session. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of the energy audit process, how to secure grants for free energy audits, and the support available to implement energy-saving solutions.

Take the first step toward a more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective future for your business in Ireland. Free consultation calls are available for attendees seeking personalised advice on how Celtic Dynamics can help their business. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your energy strategy and secure financial assistance for your energy audit.

To learn more about energy audits and grants see:

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