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Business in the Community Ireland Information

Business in the Community is a membership network that helps businesses to achieve sustainability goals. It provides access to best practice, support, training, benchmarking, and recognition. It also facilitates collaboration and engagement with stakeholders, such as communities, employees, customers, and suppliers.

Business in the Community Ireland is a movement for sustainable change in business. In a dynamic and changing environment, sustainable businesses are successful businesses. They have advised Ireland’s largest businesses for over 20 years. Their team of expert advisers’ partner with member companies to design and sustainability strategies and programmes in line with our purpose to transition to a low carbon and inclusive society.

Business in the Community Ireland provide access to best practice and support businesses with practical management and monitoring systems. By facilitating forums for reflection and action, they ensure that businesses anticipate and are ready to meet the current, pressing challenges of climate change, the pipeline of talent as well as the issues of social inclusion, diversity, and accountability. Events and workshops support their work with business at a one-to-one level and builds in-house capacity and skills. They lead on collective initiatives for members including the Low Carbon Pledge and the Elevate Pledge. They also run collective marketing campaigns to achieve engagement of external and internal stakeholders for business.

Here are just some of the benefits of joining the Business in the Community network:
  1. A dedicated and experienced Sustainability Advisor.
  2. Integrate SDG goals and sustainability into your business with the Business Working Responsibly Mark Ireland’s top standard for Sustainability.. 
  3. Sharing of best practice and latest research to guide senior leadership and operational teams to achieve high sustainability impacts. 
  4. Access to a calendar of events, training, and member CEO events. 
  5. Comprehensive account management through monthly updates, annual activity report and online member log-in area on our website.

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