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What Energy Audit Do I Need?

What is an energy audit?

An energy audit is one of the most useful things you can do for your company. In short, it surveys your energy usage. It is done by an energy auditor (like us here at Celtic Dynamics). We examine your energy usage over a period of time and show you how you can reduce your energy bills and lessen your carbon footprint. This can help save you money while also making your company more environmentally friendly.

What are the types of Energy Audits?

There are many different types of audits around the world. The main classification of energy audits for businesses is usually done through the ASHRAE system, which classifies them into one of three different levels. Any audits above these levels sit outside the main range. These types of audits provide more information and are typically to do with new concepts, certifications in energy management or emissions.

For domestic energy audits, they have their own scale which is usually unique to the region for Example (BER Building EnergyRating (Standard) or Home Energy Assessment (Advanced) in Ireland).



An ASHRAE Level 1 audit is the most basic level of audit, designed to give businesses a starting point for making changes or further in-depth auditing.

In a Level 1 audit, the auditor takes a high-level view of the building’s operations and energy usage.

This audit can include steps such as:

  • Interviewing key operations personnel

  • Reviewing facility utility bills

  • Walking through the site

The goal of an ASHRAE Level 1 audit is to give a basic understanding of the current energy baseline and give some high-level summary of potential solutions for the site

When should you have a Level 1 audit?

Before you begin making improvements to your building’s energy efficiency or if trying to establish baselines of multiple sites. It’s important to have a baseline of where you’re at now so you can measure improvements and determine which sites energy solutions will have the most impact on.

A Level 1 audit can give stakeholders a picture of where the facility currently stands, how it compares to other similar buildings, and what areas need further investigation or improvement. For businesses looking to just get started with improving energy efficiency, or for businesses who find it difficult to “sell” the need for energy improvements, a Level 1 audit is a good starting point.

Examples Types of Level 1 Audits:

ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit

Walk-Through Analysis (WTA) Energy Audit

Benchmark Analysis Energy Audit

Preliminary Energy Audit

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