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The Top Challenges Facing Businesses in Ireland with Energy in 2023

The energy landscape in Ireland is undergoing significant changes, posing several challenges for businesses across the country. Volatility in the energy market, rising prices, and disparities in electricity costs are just some of the hurdles that companies are currently grappling with. In this article, we will delve into these challenges and explore potential solutions to help businesses navigate the complex energy environment.

Over the past year, we have witnessed unprecedented levels of volatility in the energy market. Wholesale prices have soared to new highs, driven by a potential scarcity of certain fuels and influenced by factors such as political uncertainty, increasing carbon prices, and the rebound of energy demand to pre-pandemic levels. This trend of higher prices is expected to persist in the medium term, making it particularly challenging for businesses to budget and forecast accurately.

To mitigate the impacts of increasing and volatile energy prices, large energy users can take two primary actions in the medium to long term. The first action is to focus on reducing overall energy usage through energy reduction projects. While the pandemic has diverted attention away from energy-efficiency initiatives, now is an opportune time for businesses to revisit energy audits and explore efficiency opportunities across their operations. Energy efficiency projects not only align with corporate sustainability and carbon reduction targets but also offer tangible benefits such as lighting upgrades, process optimisation, and smart controls.

The second action for businesses is to consider self-generation of electricity. By decoupling from grid pricing and adopting renewable energy sources, companies can protect themselves against market volatility and fix their energy costs as much as possible. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, in particular, have become an increasingly popular choice for organisations in Ireland and the UK. Despite the perception that solar is ineffective in temperate climates, it can provide a significant portion of a facility's electricity requirements. The decreasing costs of solar installation, coupled with its long lifespan, make it an attractive option with viable financial returns and a reduced carbon footprint.

Celtic Dynamics, a leading provider of energy solutions, offers comprehensive energy audits that can help businesses address the challenges they face in the Irish energy landscape. With their expertise, Celtic Dynamics assesses the carbon emissions of facilities and provides tailored roadmaps for achieving carbon neutrality. Their three-phase approach includes assessment, reporting, and solutions, delivering a comprehensive roadmap for businesses to implement energy-efficient measures and reduce their carbon emissions.

In conclusion, businesses in Ireland are currently grappling with various challenges in the energy sector. Volatile energy prices, disparities in electricity costs, and the need to reduce carbon emissions are top concerns for organisations. However, by prioritising energy efficiency projects and exploring self-generation options like solar PV, businesses can mitigate these challenges and create a more sustainable energy future. With the support of expert energy audit services from Celtic Dynamics, companies can identify opportunities, implement effective measures, and contribute to a cleaner and more cost-effective energy landscape.

To learn more about how Celtic Dynamics' energy audits can benefit your business, book a consultation with their team of experts today. Take proactive steps towards energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and a more resilient energy strategy for your organisation.

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