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Spreadsheet Development

Spreadsheets are one of the most vital tools in anyone's kit a good spreadsheet can make your life bliss and a bad one can be a nightmare

Main points to think about when creating a good spreadsheet

-How are people going to access the spreadsheet

-How are people going to input data will there be multiple people working on one sheet

-Automate, minimize, standardize, or remove any inputs. (Make data entry as low as possible)

-Are the formats and colors informative?

-Are the deliverables achieved?

-Can you're spreadsheet achieve other required tasks automatically?

-Can you use the info on one spreadsheet across multiple sheets automated to reduce the inputs required?

-Plan out for when the spreadsheet needs to be updated

-Make a feedback process available for users so you can improve in updates

-Keep your spreadsheets concise to the goal

-Make a video tutorial explaining the spreadsheet for self-learning and reduce the task of training

If you require some spreadsheets developed we offer a Google Spreadsheet Development Service

Where we can help you develop the spreadsheets tools to make your life easier for any task

Get in contact or drop a comment if this could be a help to you or someone you know

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