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Solar Panels Photovoltaic - Energy Audits

Photovoltaic Solar installations are becoming more and more popular as the cost for installation continues to drop and the efficiency of panels improves.

There are a few key things to consider when installing photovoltaic solar.

1. Where will the installation be roof/ground

2. How should it be mounted

3. Where will the inverters for the panels be located

4. How will the energy be synced with the grid and any other generators currently connected onsite

5. Are there grants/funding for solar in your location available

6. Does the site need battery storage?

Solar is a relatively simple solution to implement and if you blend it with other energy projects it can bring a substantial advantage to sites.

Allowing them to produce their own electricity and removing the reliance as much on energy providers to give competitive rates on their electricity and allowing the site to become self-reliant.

See some of the main things to check for solar photovoltaic installations in the image below.

Interested in solar / energy efficiency get in touch drop us a comment or message.

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