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Refrigeration - Energy Audits

Refrigeration systems are often a staple energy consumer on most sites.

Usually, sites that store food, require cooling in the process, or that control internal temperature rely on refrigeration systems.

Making improvements to the refrigeration system is often a matter of changing controls, sequencing, or comnoning systems to achieve big results.

Most large refrigeration systems can achieve 30-50% energy saving relatively easily.

A lot of the time, the systems are designed to operate for the worst-case scenario or have extra capacity for expansions down the line.

Sometimes it can be as simple as figuring out which is the worst compressor for energy efficiency and making that be the last in the sequence, cleaning the condenser or purging the air from the system.

Some of the most common refrigeration systems components include dry coolers, condensers, compressors, evaporators, chillers, AHUs, HVAC, and cooling towers.

Find the most common things to check on a big refrigeration system are in the image below.

Interested in energy solutions for your system get in contact with us via comment or private message.

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