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Lighting - Energy Audits

Lighting surprisingly for most energy audits can be the most difficult of the energy solution to implement this is due to a number of factors such as:

- individual preferences of staff

- difficult to access areas such as on production floors/ warehouses

- often long paybacks

It often makes it hard to justify lighting projects on sites so here are the main tips for lighting projects:

- plan for the difficult to reach lights for the quiet times

- always budget for a few extra lights as if your missing one at the end it better to have it to install and return spares to hit the right deadlines

- do a test fitting and get a written ok from key staff in the area for the fitting before the main project,

- always get a 5 year+ warranty in case any lights break

- finally, the best way to implement a lighting project with a longer payback is to integrate it with a larger better payback project this will reduce the overheads and makes the blended payback more appealing.

The main light fittings you will see on sites are in the image below along with a list of the main things to check when assessing the current fittings on site.

Interested in an energy audit of your site get in contact message us or check out our website.

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