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Is Solar Worth Installing in 2023?

In short, yes, it is. Solar is a technology which has quickly become one of the most common, convenient and affordable renewable energy sources in Ireland. The most common reason people don’t know if it is worth installing solar in Ireland is because of the climate. The overcast days and rain are often a factor in people not knowing if the installation is worthwhile.

The solar options available are:

Photovoltaic Solar - relating to the production of electric current at the junction of two substances exposed to light. (Produce Electricity from Sunlight).

Solar Thermal - Solar thermal energy (STE) is a form of energy and a technology for harnessing solar energy to generate thermal energy for use in industry or residential (typically hot water or other liquids).

Why is solar a good option for me?

Solar energy is a good choice for commercial and residential applications. It is commonly used to reduce the amount of energy being purchased from the grid. It can reduce your bills and carbon footprint. In the current economic climate with increasing energy prices any savings that can be made are important and with the potential to reduce your bills a considerable amount, it is a great choice. For companies, it has a positive social impact also as it reduces the carbon footprint of the company.

Should I wait to install solar panels?

No, there is no reason to wait to install solar panels. In fact, installing them sooner is better with the current worldwide increasing energy prices. The longer you wait, the less money you save as you have to continue buying that energy from the grid. If you can afford the system, the right time is now. If you wait to install solar panels then the rising energy costs will affect you worse than if you were to have them installed.

How much energy can I get from solar panels?

The amount of energy you get from solar panels depends on the size of the solar array you are able to install. The larger the array the more energy production is possible. As a general rule here at Celtic Dynamics, we use an estimate of roughly 5 to 6.25 metres squared to get 1 kWp of solar energy captured.

What are the issues surrounding Solar arrays?

The most obvious issue with the use of solar energy is the system’s reliance on the weather and sunshine to generate power. This means that at night there is no generation and if overcast enough you can have drops in your system’s performance. While sunshine varies throughout the year, the benefits of the generation outweigh the potential downsides in our opinion.

Below is an example of a 140 kWp system showing the monthly variance in energy production.

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