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IPMVP - Energy Projects Measurement and Verification

The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) is a protocol that defines the best practice for quantifying the results of energy efficiency projects.

It is an international method for verifying the savings of energy projects and gives a simple way of developing measurement and verification plans.

Typically there are four different approaches to verifying savings under this protocol

Option (A) Retrofit Isolation: Key Parameter Measurement

Option (B) Retrofit Isolation: All Parameter Measurement

Option (C) Whole Facility

Option (D) Calibrated Simulation

The correct option to use is dependent on the specific solution, particular site circumstance, or metering availability.

See below the flowchart for selecting the best option for your particular solution

If you need support in IPMVP or other Energy Engineering topics get in contact with us.

Or drop a comment if you got any interesting stories of energy projects you've done in the past we would love to hear them.

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