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Are Windmills a Good Option for Ireland?

Ireland's pursuit of clean and sustainable energy sources has led to a significant focus on wind energy. With its abundant and renewable nature, wind energy has emerged as a prominent solution to Ireland's energy challenges. In this article, we will explore the benefits of wind energy, its current status in Ireland, and its potential role in meeting Ireland's decarbonisation goals. We will also discuss the importance of energy audits in optimizing energy consumption and maximising the benefits of wind energy. Celtic Dynamics, a leading energy solutions provider, offers comprehensive energy audits that can help businesses identify opportunities for energy efficiency and implement effective solutions.

Wind Energy: Clean, Sustainable, and Inexhaustible:

The creation of wind energy is rooted in the natural phenomenon of thermal air currents caused by the uneven heating of the Earth's surface by the sun. By harnessing these air movements, wind turbines can convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity. Wind energy offers a clean and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, as it does not directly emit greenhouse gases. Moreover, wind is an inexhaustible resource, ensuring a long-term and renewable energy solution for Ireland.

Wind Energy in Ireland: A Leading Renewable Resource:

In Ireland, wind energy currently holds the distinction of being the largest contributing resource of renewable energy. It is both the largest and most cost-effective renewable electricity resource, accounting for over 86% of Ireland's renewable electricity and 36% of the total electricity demand in 2020. Ireland stands out as a global leader in wind energy utilisation, ranking second worldwide in 2020, only surpassed by Denmark. These statistics highlight the significant role wind energy plays in Ireland's energy landscape.

Harnessing Wind Power: Wind Farms and Government Support:

The establishment of wind farms is crucial for effectively harnessing wind energy. The Department of Housing, Planning, and Local Government provides planning guidelines and exemptions for wind farms and turbines, with specific details available on the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) website. Connecting wind turbines to the electricity system is facilitated by guides from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and application forms provided by ESB Networks and Eirgrid. Government support, such as the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS), aims to achieve Ireland's target of 80% renewable electricity by 2030, promoting community engagement and diversification of renewable technologies.

The Future of Wind Energy in Ireland:

Looking ahead, wind power is expected to play a substantial role in Ireland's decarbonisation efforts. Researchers project a fourfold increase in wind power capacity by 2050, with onshore wind power leading the way due to its cost-effectiveness. Offshore wind power, although relatively more expensive, will also contribute significantly, particularly in regions like the east coast near major demand centers. Solar power will complement wind energy, with estimates suggesting a four to five times higher wind capacity compared to solar. This comprehensive approach ensures a balanced and resilient energy system.

The Importance of Energy Audits by Celtic Dynamics:

To fully leverage the benefits of wind energy and optimise energy consumption, businesses can turn to Celtic Dynamics for comprehensive energy audits. A full site energy audit, their most popular service, provides a detailed breakdown of a company's current energy consumption and offers a thorough list of solutions to implement onsite. Celtic Dynamics carries out assessments with onsite teams, gathering relevant technical information through email and conference calls. They then provide a comprehensive breakdown of energy consumption and create a proposal of recommended energy solutions, including detailed energy calculations, cost estimates, and potential grants or assistance. Upon completing the audit, Celtic Dynamics offers fixed price quotations for the solution works and can provide detailed design engineering services for further progress.


As Ireland seeks to transition to a sustainable and low-carbon future, wind energy stands out as a clean, abundant, and cost-effective solution. Wind power has already become a leading contributor to Ireland's renewable energy mix, and its potential for further growth is significant. By embracing wind energy and conducting energy audits through trusted providers like Celtic Dynamics, businesses can identify opportunities for efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to Ireland's decarbonisation goals. Book a call with Celtic Dynamics to discuss your company's energy audit needs and receive a quotation tailored to your requirements. Together, we can pave the way for a greener and more sustainable Ireland.

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