Case Study – Commercial Office Building


Commercial Office Building

The first step of this project was to upgrade the boiler on site. This generated savings of over 490,000 kWh per year. After the upgrade of the boiler, the cooling system on site also required upgrades. 

After the completion of these upgrades, the HVAC system was refurbished. This project allowed savings of 218,641 kWh per year.

The on site management then continued by upgrading the lighting on site from halogen and fluorescent lighting to LED fittings. The savings found as a result of this project were 64,744 kWh.

The pumps on site were also improved before a BMS system was installed on site to allow for the accurate monitoring and regulation of the building’s electrical power usage.

Services We Provided

In order to give our client the best service possible we carried out the following tasks:

Detailed Full Site Energy Audit
Energy Data Analysis & Modelling
Efficiency Solution Design
Management of Project Planning
Procurement Management
Complete Engineering Support During all Project Phases
Site Installation, Safety Management & Quality Surveillance
Project Commissioning, Verification & Warranty Services

Key Achievements

Energy Savings Achieved

The energy savings of 969 thousand kWh were achieved through a number of smaller projects such as a boiler upgrade and HVAC upgrades.

Additional Benefits

The BMS provides useful information on the building and allows for the company to make better decisions about their energy usage.

Successful Upgrades

A number of successful upgrades were installed including  upgrades to the boiler, cooling, HVAC, lighting, pumps and BMS


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