Carbon Neutrality Roadmaps

Carbon Emission Reduction Plans/Zero Carbon Roadmaps

With new carbon neutrality goals being implemented for businesses by 2030 there is an ever increasing need for a systematic approach to reach zero carbon emissions. This service offers a comprehensive approach to assess the carbon emissions of your facility/company.

Our Carbon Neutrality Roadmaps are carried out in 3 Steps



Celtic Dynamics carries out assessments with your onsite team, gathering relevant technical information through emails and conference calls.



Celtic Dynamics outlines potential efficiency upgrades to your site, alternative energy sources, power purchase agreements, energy management improvements and any other available supports in your country.



Celtic Dynamics presents a detailed carbon neutrality report. This report contains an energy audit, savings calculations, relevant specifications, drawing, schematics, pricing calculations and life cycle assessment (if required) for the proposed solutions.


Your company will receive a comprehensive Carbon Neutrality Roadmap for improvements to be implemented, which outlines the carbon emission savings as each solution is implemented across your business.

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