Case Study – Biomedical Factory 2


Biomedical Factory

The initial approach adopted at the biomedical factory was to upgrade the CHP on site. Two options were assessed, LPHW and ABO. The decision was made to install the ABO option as it has a payback period half that of the other option. Management then recognised that to make further inroads in energy savings, investment was needed and this included cooling tower, motor, air compressor and heat pump upgrades.

Lighting upgrades from halogen to LED were implemented in some of the factory zones. For a heat pump upgrade, a capex of 2.4 million euro had a payback period of 2.64 years making it a very effective upgrade. Air handling units also underwent belt upgrades to maximise their efficiency. The ducts on site also required sealing and this project had a payback period of 2.3 years. For the site to make even more savings and create a green image a solar array was suggested to be installed. 

Services We Provided

In order to give our client the best service possible we carried out the following tasks:

Detailed Full Site Energy Audit
Energy Data Analysis & Modelling
Efficiency Solution Design
Management of Project Planning
Procurement Management
Complete Engineering Support During all Project Phases
Site Installation, Safety Management & Quality Surveillance
Project Commissioning, Verification & Warranty Services

Key Achievements

Energy Savings Achieved

The energy savings of 12.21 million were achieved through a number of smaller projects such as the installation of a CHP with heat recovery and the upgrade of the Heat Pumps.

Low Payback

The CHP project has a payback period of less than 3 years. The AHU project also has a great payback of 0.22 years.

Successful Upgrades

CHP, cooling towers, air compressor, motors, lighting, refrigeration and chilling, heat pumps, AHU’s, solar, duct sealing, BMS, EMS, dish washer

Plans for Further Saving

The site can achieve further savings by installing a solar array which could generate electricity for the site.


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